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Karen Allen

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Exclusively for Women

International Women's Month

On March 8th every year, women around the World commemorate and celebrate the achievements and advancements of modern day women and those throughout history.
In 2008 on 8th March, Karen Allen founded and pioneered a movement entitled DARE TO DREAM.  The purpose and passion of the movement was to inspire, empower and ultimately transform the lives of women through the stories of other women.
Throughout the Month of March, Karen hosted a couple of intimate evenings where she shared her personal story behind the smile.  Her desire is to inspire women to dream again.  Each evening included love, laughter and light refreshments.
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Karen's passion is to inspire, empower and help others to transform their lives.  She has been gifted and blessed to do this through many avenues including, speaking, writing, empowerment conferences and events, youth campaigns and one to one coaching etc.

Her desire is to see people, particularly women and young people overcome obstacles that have prevented them from living an optimal life and she is most enthusiastic about topics surrounding identity, integrity amd intention. Affectionately known as 'God's Girl', Karen has been credited with the ability to take complex issues and present them in a way which is simple, yet profound. This is a huge part of her life’s work.

As a renowned author, speaker and Bible Study teacher, Karen believes that everyone has the ability and the responsibility to live their best life, by God's grace.

​In her owns words Karen says that the four chambers of her heart beat for:

  • Empowerment – Giving others the tools and the techniques to be, do and have more.

  • Education – Using alternative education systems and strategies to help others to  flourish.

  • Enslaved – Supporting young offenders at risk of offending through transition.

  • Evangelism – Teaching and preaching the Gospel of her Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


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What others are saying...

The first chapter has brought a new sense of purpose to my current plight and I am greatly encouraged by my brokenness and embrace it.

Wow! You have given me a whole new understanding of brokenness, you have articulated the meaning perfectly. 

I love your prologue on the 'Japanese art of Kintsugi' which is truly a different philosophy to what our culture knows.

The first chapter is powerful, it gives understanding, healing restoration and hope to me 'the reader' and this is just the first chapter.

I was at the edge of my seat as I could relate to every word you had written personally and in fact I have 2 friends going through painful situations who will be blessed from the teachings that I know will come forth from this book.





A 12 Part 'back to basics' Bible Study

A life changing Bible study designed with you in mind.

This powerful and practical Bible study has been prayerfully designed to answer questions concerning...

IDENTITY - Who am I?

INTENTION - Why am I here?

IMAGE - Where do I fit in?

INTEGRITY - What do I do now?


God's Girls - NAMELESS

An online Bible Study with renowned Bible Study teacher Karen Allen


God's Girls

4-Part Bible Study & Encounter

'God's Girls changed my life! It lit a flame within me that was becoming dim' - Jasneth Richards 

 Discover and experience how

God specializes in restoring something broken

to reveal something beautiful.


If you would like God's Girl to host a Bible Study at your

church or study group please get in touch.

What people are saying about In His Image


Karen Allen's In His Image Bible Study totally transformed how I read and study the Word.  I am now excited about the Word of God.

In His Image  confirmed to me that I am God's Girl for a divine purpose.  It enabled me to stand firm in who I am as a woman of God, a wife, a mother, daughter and friend.

Each week Karen unfolded and shared God's Word with passion which rekindled a desire within me to study God's Word in a new way. Karen's delivery style is humourous, emotional and practical and will leave you wanting more.


This Bibe Study was delivered in a simple and understandable way.  By the end of the course I was clear about why I was created.


Attending In His Image Bible Study highlighted how significant and how valued we truly are to God.  The study  highlighted that we are all significant and purposeful in His plans and purposes




July 2016

An Encounter with..

An Encounter with..

God's Girls 

A *ONE- DAY one time only encounter for women.  A unique opportunity for you to hear stories, strategies and solutions from women whose lives have been totally transformed by the power and the presence of God.

On the day you will be comforted, challenged and ultimately changed by the life lessons you will receive from God's Girls who pride themselves on 'keeping it real'.  Open, honest, no nonsense.


Your life will never be the same!

Karen       Rosalyn      Antonina









Broken Encounter

A safe place where spiritual enlightenment (God's Power) meets personal development (Your Potential).


An encounter for individuals who have experienced the heartache or the hopelessness of being broken. You will hear stories, receive strategies and be given solutions from others who have permitted God to put their brokenness to good use.


Be Inspired. Be Empowered. Be Transformed.




TIME FOR CHANGE Community Campaign

A one day festival including showcase and drama designed to engage and empower the local community regarding challenges facing young people, their parents and carers. The day will be held at a local park and will consist of empowerment, enrichment and entertainment stations.  Each empowerment station will have information about how people can access help and support in these areas as well as information encouraging them to get involved and BE THE CHANGE.




In His Image - Bible Study

A powerful and practical twelve-part Bible Study designed to answer questions concerning:

Identity - Who am I?

Intention - Why am I here?

Image - Where do I fit in?

Integrity - What do I do now?


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