On Wednesday 29th March I shared a communication entitled 'My Confession'. At the time of sharing, I had no idea of the impression or impact it would have on the lives of those who read it.

The overwhelming responses and 'confessions' that I have received via various online platforms, texts and phone calls, has silenced me for the past couple of days.

I am still waiting on God's instruction for the next move but in the meantime I ask that you accept my sincere, broken hearted apology.

I AM SO SORRY. As a woman chosen by God to be one of His representatives in the earth, a broken woman who is determined to be transparent with the truth, I know that I am not perfect. I have been a wounded woman who knows that, I too, may have been guilty of causing offence, hurt, pain or disappointment to others knowingly or unknowingly and I AM SO SORRY. This was not my heart and this was never my intention.

On behalf of every or any of God's representatives in the earth who has hurt you, abandoned you, disappointed you, mistreated you, talked about you, rejected you, ostracised you or turned their backs on you, I AM SO SORRY.

On behalf of any Bishop, Pastor, Apostle, Minister, Deacon or those with varying other titles who have failed to properly serve you, or have left you to go astray and unlike the good shepherd, they have not bothered to come and find you, I AM SO SORRY.

On behalf of any ministry leader, preacher, teacher or evangelist who has neglected to properly oversee you or who has used Gods word to manipulate you and unlike the prodigals father, they have deliberately turned their backs on you despite your efforts to return home, I AM SO SORRY.

On behalf of every leaders wife who has been envious or hateful towards you, who has been threatened by the gifts God has placed within you, who has felt intimidated by you and has sown seeds of discord against you, I AM SO SORRY.

I pray that God will bind up your brokenness, comfort you in your time of mourning and ultimately set your spirit free. I am apologising not because I have been asked to, but becauase I know that GOD LOVES YOU and this was not His heart nor His intention.

We are His representatives who fail sometimes because we are only human.I pray that God will give you clarity and the courage to love again, lead again and live again. He is not finished with you yet. His plan for your is perfect.You may NEVER get an apology from the ones who caused you to be in the place where you find yourself today. They may never look you in your eyes and say from their heart the words that I know you so desperately need to hear. But God's heart is broken for you, He is bearing the pain with you and He desperately want YOU to be FREE.

So, if you would imagine for a moment that I am that person, I stand in the gap for that person, I represent that person and today, right now, I am looking into your eyes and telling you from the depth of my heart...I AM SO SORRY PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE FORGIVE ME.

For it is only the act of true forgiveness that will completely set YOU free. This is not about them, it is about YOU.God told me to tell you that He sees you, He feels you, He knows you and most importantly He is desperately in love with you. He has an awesome plan for your life and wants to walk it out with you.

Let them go. Let Him in and watch what God will do.

Karen Allen

God's Girl x

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