Funny how time flies.

A few weeks ago I was speaking to an electrician who had come to do some work at my house. He commented on how much baby had grown since he last saw her which led us to start discussing how quickly the days and the months were passing by. I mentioned to him that this seems to be a common point of discussion these days, people appear to be talking about how time is flying even more than they talk about the whether (I do live in the UK and here we mostly talk about the whether). I remember when I was at school (just a few years ago :-)) back in those days it seemed like forever before we got to the weekend, the school days just went on and on and on. Nowadays, even the young people are talking about how quickly the days and months are drifting by!

This got me thinking about a verse in the Bible:

Matthew 24:22

And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.

Speaking of the end times - the time in which Jesus will return - Jesus said that the 'days would be shortened'. This makes perfect sense, we are clearly all NOT going crazy, time IS flying because the days have been shortened. It's the same 24 hours but somehow they are going by in a flash! This realisation points to two very thought provoking facts:

1. The end is near.

2. We better get ready.

Now, most people do not want to hear this kind of talk, they consider it to be talk of 'doom and gloom' which is really the enemy's plan to deceive people into thinking that they are safe and that they have time, when the truth of the matter is this, unless we are in the Ark - like in the days of Noah - we cannot and will not be saved Matthew 24: 36-39.

Time is flying. Jesus is coming and I believe that it is part of my remit and responsibility to spread the word and sound the alarm. Think about it, if your house was on fire and your children were inside would it be a message of 'doom and gloom' to know that the fire and ambulance crew were on their way? I hope not.

This world is in trouble, big trouble, but thankfully HELP IS ON THE WAY and for that I am forever grateful.

God's Girl. x

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