On 7th August 2016 the game changed.

I am still doing my best to process the events of the past month and it is taking me a while. On that Sunday morning one of my dearest friends, my Joy, died. My initial response to her death was confusion, disbelief and anger. HOW IN THE WORLD AM I GOING TO MOVE FORWARD WITH THE VISION GOD HAS GIVEN ME WITHOUT JOY?

I guess as time passes it will make more sense but right now...not so.

One of my sisters from the US, Antonina, spoke a word into my life that has given me the strength I need to keep it moving, she simply said, 'Sis, we gotta do it for Joy'. That is all I needed really. I have to do this for Joy. I must keep the vision moving for Joy. I must fulfill my purpose for Joy. I must live the life of my dreams for Joy. Then Antonina explained that it wasn't 'for' Joy, it was '4' Joy. The 4 represents Joy's mother and her three children Hannah, Charmaine and Michael.

Joy was so much more than just a friend. She SAW me. She KNEW me. She LOVED me. I will be forever grateful that I had the privilege of sharing a huge part of my life with someone so special. I will miss her but will live my life in honor of her legacy.

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