On December 30th I was given very clear instructions concerning the first 12 weeks of 2017. For the first twelve weeks I was to consecrate and focus on the assignment God has given me. The instruction was very, very clear. Three weeks into the year and I can honestly and somewhat ashamedly say I HAVE DONE NOTHING!!! I have been so distracted (mostly by overwhelm) that I have literally done nothing. (Well actually I have been working on one thing but it feels like nothing) Three days ago I heard the words FIGHT FOR YOUR FOCUS. I recognised that it was the voice of God because it was a still small voice and not one of condemnation. He is so kind. Like most things, FOCUS does not come without a FIGHT. Everything and everyone is vying for our attention, especially if you work a job, run a business or have a family - A FIVE MEMBER TRIBE IN MY CASE! I know how exhausting it can be to always be in 'fight mode' but sadly that's the nature of the times we live in. Everything that we value, we must FIGHT for. This includes our marriages, our children, our business, our quiet time, our focus, our relationship with God and even our sanity - it is what it is. It's a FIGHT. I had no intention of writing a blog about this topic I just started jotting down some thoughts in my notepad on my phone and all of this came out. Hopefully my thoughts will inspire and encourage you to get up out of the corner, get back into the ring and keep on fighting.

I used an acronym (as I do) to keep me on track - F. I. G. H. T for your FOCUS F - First things First Make a list of EVERYTHING that is cluttering your mind. It may seem like an impossible task but take a moment to just empty your mind of the things that feel overwhelming no matter how big or small, whether it's work/business/ministry related or personal/home stuff, just take a moment to write it down. I - Identify what's Important Now that you have emptied your mind (as best you can) look at the what you have written. Everything might seem URGENT but my experience has taught me not everything is IMPORTANT. Ask yourself, what needs to be done first? What needs to be done now? Can this wait? Can this be delegated? IMPORTANT stuff must be at the top of the list. This may include somethings that are urgent but not for the most part. For example, if you have three meetings in a week and one of them clashes with the kids parents evening you must decide which one is more IMPORTANT and prioritize that. (Side note: Time for YOU is very, very important so don't avoid putting that in your list). G - Get in Gear

I looked up this idiom and it means - to start to work effectively and with energy. Sooner rather than later you will have to get in gear. It's great to empty your mind, it's phenomenal putting things in order of importance, but most people even once they have done this still procrastinate waiting for things to happen. YOU HAVE TO MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. Start at the top of your list and IN ORDER OF IMPORTANCE make your way down. It might take a little while but once you begin, a steady flow will build up and then momentum will kick in. H - Hang your Hat I don't even know where this thought came from but when I looked it up it means - to depend on OR believe in something. So far, this idea of emptying your mind and making a list may seem like a 'STUPID, SIMPLE, SYSTEM' but if you work it and 'hang your hat' on it (depend on it and believe in it) don't divert from it and resist the temptation to complicate it, you will experience how effective it is. It is often the 'simple' things that most people won't do because it sounds too 'simple' - simple to do is also simple not to do - but remember SIMPLE DOES NOT MEAN EASY. For instance, skydiving looks simple enough but I'm assuming it's far from easy! T - Take the Time For each task you have listed, allocate a realistic amount of time for completion. By 'realistic' I mean make room for interruptions and LIFE because these will occur. If a task is likely to take an hour give yourself a time slot of an hour and a half or even two, because life happens. If you complete it within the hour that's a bonus then you will have time to move on to the next task or make yourself a cup of tea before moving on (don't let the tea distract you). Once you have set time slots TAKE THE TIME don't apologise for it, don't feel bad about it and don't divert from it. Just stay focused and get on with it.

Be blessed.

God's Girl. x

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