My Prayer, My Position, My Pledge

Written in August 2011 by Karen Allen

Martin Luther King Jr, a man who had a dream

He spoke of things that were absurd, insane it would have seemed

He dreamt of people black and white, uniting all as one

He dreamt of basic human rights, for each and everyone.

He dreamt of seeing black people given the right to vote

That equal opportunities would no longer be remote,

His dreams included many things that were beyond his means

The world is a much better place because he dared to dream.

My inspiration comes from Dr Martin Luther King

I am enthused to do the things I do because of him

The world has changed by ones mans dream, and I have a dream too

My dream is summed up in these words, it is my prayer for you….

I pray that this great nation will awaken to the plight

Of the younger generation who see life as one big fight

They’re fighting for their FREEDOM

They’re fighting for their RIGHTS

They’re fighting for their peers RESPECT

They’re fighting for their LIVES.

Young people are the future, our lives are in their hands

How will our destinies unfold , if we don’t take a stand

Young people are just children, however will they know

How much they’re worth, how much they’re loved, if we refuse to show.

We need to show them how to love and live and give respect

We need to help them understand one life is all you get.

I pray that all young people will feel the love of God

His love is unconditional, His love it does not judge

His love covers the multitude of wrongs that you will make

His love is everlasting, He does not make mistakes.

I pray that all young people will value the gift of life

And not cause death or devastation by use of gun or knife

I pray that all young people will decide to use their gift

To make a difference, change the world and love the life they live.

My position is that adults have an enormous part to play

We are the real examples that our children see each day

Though many adults blame the kids, the real fault is our own

It is our responsibility to parent until they’re grown.

This nonsense that is prevalent within our world today

Where parents have their rights withdrawn while children have their way

Communities have lost their voice turning faces from the crimes

Grown men and women running scared of kids as young as nine!!!

My position is that adults need to get their courage back

The problems faced affect us all it’s not just ‘black on black’

It takes a village to raise a child it’s not just one or two

To build children who have respect will take both me and you.

My pledge is as a mother of four outstanding sons

To teach them how to love, honour and respect everyone

I pledge to raise them fearlessly in face of all the noise

That screams through media, family, friends that boys will just be boys.

I pledge to be the best I can and demonstrate the fact

That you can be the best you can despite you being black

I pledge to show them how to serve, to give, to love, to wait

I pledge to tell them everyday ‘I love you, you are great!!’.

I pledge to love my husband the father of my boys

To demonstrate that marriage works that it is not a toy

It’s not something that you can have because marriage is ‘in’

But throw away when you get bored or trade for the next thing.

I pledge to use my life to make a difference each day

Providing hope to others, showing them another way.

I pledge to help young people with everything I am

Be who they are, do what they love and be the best they can.

My prayer, my position and my pledge has been declared

Integrity will be my guide, failure I will not fear.

It is the God I serve who has decreed these things in me

And with Him as my source and strength, this is my destiny!!

© Karen Allen 2011

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